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Thailand’s Lotto Explanation (Legal and Illegal)

Our national lottery is the only form of legal gambling in which most people in Thailand have access. It began in 1974. Today’s drawings are the first and sixteenth days of each month. I will conclude this article by discussing the people who are involved in this lottery. First I will provide complete details about how it works, including ticket purchase and money rewards.

Buying Thai Lottery
Lottery tickets have been redone in Thailand-lottery-sellers. Lottery sellers across the country are wandering the streets, streets and villages. It also stands outside big shops like Tesco Lotus and Big C.

Officially the ticket is 40 baht. However, they are sold in identical packs of two, so it is possible to buy two tickets at 80 baht (which is an exact match for each other). Plus ticket vendors receive markups. As is the case with almost everything in Thailand, lottery prices are discussed.

With street vendors, the price for these two tickets costs 40 + 40 = 80 baht, which can cost 120-130 baht. Standing outside big shops is 100 baht a normal price. Interestingly, list salespeople often do this for every ticket. The price of unpopular numbers is low (85, 90 and 95 baht), while the combination of fortunate Buddhist numbers is higher.

Thai Lotto Ticket Explained
Thai-Lottery-Ticket The picture on the right is a standard pack of our two matching lottery tickets. For most drawings, all have a difference of six digits. If you set this number exactly, you will win the prize for this quote.

So, why are there two extra double digits on the ticket?

The lower number shows what kind of ticket it is. As I write this article, there are two different jackpots.

The top rewards for certain batches are:

30 million baht for all right
20 million baht for all valid + 2 digit bonus (0-99) numbers.
Here are the top top rewards for other batches:

20 million baht for all right
30 million baht for all valid + 2 digit bonus (0-99) numbers.

The same six digits (0-9 per slot) apply to both central drawers. If you find the exact match, look at the back of your ticket next to whether the prize is 2 million or 3 million. An extra number (multiplication) is created for each of these (0-99) separately. If you have a 2 million paying ticket – and get a two digit number created for it, you get 30 million on that ticket. Because you have two tickets, you get 30 million + 2 million. Same for the same ticket that pays 3 million: If you match the additional number, you will get 20 million more for this portion of your ticket.

It does not matter what kind of ticket you hold if you are far from number one in any direction (for example if 223454 is drawn, 223453 and 223455 are number 1 off) you get 50,000 baht. Wins satisfactory rewards. Since you have two identical tickets you really win 100,000 baht.

The remaining plots only use six digits, and the rewards are as follows:

Second Prize = 100,000 baht per ticket: For this, 5 new 6-digit numbers are created and if your six digits match any of them, you win.
Third prize = 40,000 baht per ticket: Same as above but 10 new six digits are created here.

Fourth prize = 20,000 baht per ticket: 50 new six digits alike.
Fifth prize = 10,000 baht per ticket: 100 with the new six-digit number.
Last 3 = 2000 baht per ticket: Four sets of three numbers are prepared. If four of your last three digits match one of these four digits, you win this award.
Last 2 = 1000 baht: A separate two digit number is created and if you have the last two matches you win this prize.
Important note: Because you always have two matching tickets for each draw. Not just the major 20 million and 30 million jackpots.

Finding Thai Lottery Results
The lottery is drawn on the fist and sixteenth dates of each month. A television show has been set up around it which starts at 3PM. Lottery numbers are shown toward the end of the show (before 4PM). If you speak Thai Lottery Result For 16-02-2020, you can also find results on the official website

How to claim lottery prizes
Winning tickets can be returned to any Provincial Office of the Controller General (CGD) for their prize. Each province has one (3 in Bangkok) 0.5% of tax wins. It is possible to redeem at shops although the fees are high, but there is a special price of about 2% to negotiate.

Thai people love the lottery
Think of the lottery on this page as very popular. Especially in rural areas where folk beliefs and Chinese religions have allied with Buddhism – the idea of ​​spirits, ghosts, and dream-winning numbers – something that happened here in the New York Times in 2013 I was written It also discusses the Thai Visa thread.

There are bamboo sticks in tab tees in Thai temples


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